The we4bee project, sponsored by the Audi Environmental Foundation, started in 2019 with the provision of 100 high-tech beehives (primarily in Germany) and the establishment of a worldwide network for data collection and analysis. we4bee would like to give pupils and teachers an exciting and practical lesson that is associated with technology and at the same time increases the knowledge about the honey bee and its importance for our ecosystem. As part of a large network, schools and beekeepers can make an important contribution to the scientific analysis of the condition of a bee colony as an indicator of an environment worth living in by collecting relevant data. Users can view the collected and processed data graphically via the project website or a MobileApp. In addition, the students/users/participants are offered an insight into the fascinating world of embedded computer and high-tech environmental sensors. All collected data will of course be processed and made available to the general public for further use.

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