B(ee)oinspiration & B(ee)omimetics

The bee colony is like a magic well;
the more you draw from it, the richer it flows.

Karl von Frisch (1886-1982)

For 3.8 billion years nature has been optimizing itself. And with great success. Evolution only „produces“ winners who adapt to changing living conditions a little better than their predecessors. Each time, this is very close to perfection – until another opportunity for optimization presents itself.

The projects aims to include input from across all intersecting areas of both fields, biology and engineering. In biology, especially with highly eusocial creatures, this would include work in all fields from physiology to ecology, with either zoological or botanical focus. In engineering, this would include both design and practical application of b(ee)omimetic or b(ee)oinspired devices and systems.

After three years of work, the time has come.
The DIARY OF A BEE – will be in cinemas from 7 October 2021.